Have you ever received funds via Paypal's Send Money tab?

I would guess that the answer is most probably, Yes! Now the buyer intended the payment for a particular item that you are selling. What would you normally do now?

Give your buyer a refund and tell him to use the correct Paypal button? Or, Send an email to the buyer containing the link to download your item, in the process, compromising your actual product location?

I bet you currently do one of the above options. This is no longer necessary.

You can quite easily reprocess the transaction within DigiServeOnline, selecting the correct item and/or buyer's email and with the click of a button, your buyer will receive the download instructions WITHOUT compromising your product location.

You will be surprised at how easy it actually really is.


  How many times have you received a payment from somebody and then they want the delivery email to be sent to another email address?

Again, this is no problem with DigiServeOnline. Reprocess the transaction and DigiServeOnline will send the delivery email for you.


  Do you actually know which is your best, or worst, selling product?

With DigiServeOnline, you get access to a wealth of information in various formats. Export them to other software packages, such as MS Excel, Word, XML, CSV or even print them out. The choice is yours.


  Do you want beautifully designed HTML emails but don't know HTML?

Again, this is a piece of cake with DigiServeOnline. You are provided with your own in-built WYSIWYG editor. Just write the email, select any images, colour and anything else you would like in your email and let it do the rest. The HTML is created for you.


  Do you already use another product to automate your product delivery?

Ask yourself. Does it perform all the features listed here? Well we already know the answer to that, "Most definitely not". Subscribe today and don't look back.


  Have you already got existing data in another product that you would like to transfer to DigiServeOnline?

Our technical department will be able to migrate your existing data in other products to DigiServeOnline. We are specialists in web design, databases and software development. For a limited-time only, the migration of your existing data is free!! Contact us for more information.


  Why More People Are Using Us Than Any Other Product?

DigiServeOnline is designed to deliver your digital products, instantaneously, securely and completely hands-free. There are other products on the market which provide similar solutions but after trial and error you will soon realise that the other products do at most 50% of the required job. If you do use anyone of these other products, you will find that there is also a certain amount of regular manual intervention required to ensure your products are delivered to your customers and these are rarely in a secure way.

DigiServeOnline is regarded as the forefront solution to enable you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, i.e. to make it grow without spending much of your time on administrative excercises.

That is why more people are transferring their digital product delivery needs to DigiServeOnline than any other available product on the market today. We are confident that after reviewing the contents of this site and viewing the online demo, you will also soon be joining us. You will not find a better value for money product available on the market today!

Did You Know?

A total of 136,509 ebooks and other digital products have been downloaded via our secure download pages

So far, a total of 99,628 customers have used us to download their products
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Have a look below to see the features contained within the product. The features are not broken down into priorities because no two people will treat each priority equally.

We guarantee, you will find something of interest here for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.
The best way to show how good DigiServeOnline actually is, have a look at the comparison chart.

Feature List



Works fully with single and multi-item purchases. When a buyer pays via Paypal, all the items will be delivered.

Website Payments

Works fully with Paypal Shopping Carts and single-item purchases.

Paypal IPN Changes

Whenever Paypal changes the way data is transmitted or modify their payment processors, we will change our product accordingly to make it fully compliant and functional at all times.

Transaction Types

Completed & Pending

Works fully for Completed & Pending Paypal payment types. You can even decide whether to automatically send the prduct anyway for Pending payments.


All refunded payments are fully tracked in the system. You can even decide which email to automatically send to your buyer on refunded payments.

Product Download

Download Page

Customisable download page to match your own 'look and feel'.

Hidden Links

The download link is hidden from your buyers. No one will ever be able steal your products.

Expiring Links

You can set the time limit for each product, so that your buyers have a certain amount of time to download their product.

Limit Downloads

You can restrict the number of downloads allowed per link. After this number has exceeded, no more downloads will be allowed.

Manual Sending

You can send an item manually to your buyer without compromising your product location. If your buyer pays you via, cheque, cash or PO, you can still send them a secure, hidden and expiring download location.


Multiple Currencies

You can accept payments in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD or JPY.

3 Currencies Per Item

You can specify upto 3 different currencies for each item. You can set up the system so that the item will be sent at, for example, 25 GBP or 50 USD, but not at 25 USD

Management Reports

Full Inventory Information

You will have access to a wealth of product inventory reports, ranging from best-selling products to the highest downloaded product. View them on the screen or print them out pre-formatted.

Income Breakdown

Full breakdown of how much was earned from website, auction, shopping carts or even via the Send Money option in Paypal.

Miscellaneous Reports

One of the beauties of the system is the number of types of reports that can be created for you. Imagine, whenever a new report is designed, you will get it automatically.



You can use full HTML in your emails. A full HTML editor is provided so you don't even need to know any HTML.

Download Page

Change the header, footer and even the download button to your own corporate look and feel. You can very easily resemble your own website, so your buyer's have a seemless experience when downloading their product.

Your Own Links

You can fully customised your emails you send to your buyers. Maybe have a different for each product with different affiliate links in them.


Product Promotion

Imagine whilst your buyer is downloading their product, you can promote other products to them, whilst they're are probably most receptive.

Reach 1000s Of More Buyers

Fact: 1000's of digital products are being sold daily on the internet. You are given the potential of more sales to like-minded individuals by advertising on other download pages. You can turn this feature off if you prefer not to.

Setup Requirements


You have none. You do not need your own website, but if your already do, you do not need to install anything on your website.

Product Location

Your products need to be stored somewhere. Since nobody will ever know the location of your product, you could in theory use any free webspace which all ISP's now provide.

Sample Data

Default emails templates, download page and sample information will be provided, pre-populated. It should take you about 5 minutes to get the system working for your first item.

Product Security

Since you are not required to host the product, you don't have any specific security issues. You will be provided a unique username and password to access your account and we take care of all security issues for you.

Product Usage

Full Export Functions

You can export any of the underlying information to either MS Excel, MS Word, XML or even CSV format. Whether you want to export your customers or transactions to any application, it is very easy.

Full Search

You can search for anything you like. Imagine you have 1000's of transactions a week: Finding all buyers who use a Yahoo account is a piece of cake.

Data Order

You can change the order in which information is displayed. You may want to order products by now, price, date entered, or even by product location. You decide!


Initial Cost

You will not have to make any large initial outlay to get up and running. Our setup costs are a fraction of other products on the market

Running Costs

You have no hosting costs or future upgrade costs. For a nominal monthly fee, you will receive the latest product and all upgrades included

Get It For Free

Imagine having full and unrestricted access to this product without having to spend a cent. That is exactly what we are offering whenever somebody subscribes to this product via your affiliate link. On a tiered scale, as soon as you refer 20 people to buy from us, you will get the product FREE for life.

Help & Support


On the inside, you will have access to our support email address, which is reserved only for subscribers of DigiServeOnline. Someone will be at hand for your questions and we respond to problems on a first received - first served basis.

Online Documentation

We have a fully set of online documentation available for all subscribers. 99% of all questions are answered in the documentation.

Online Forum

This is a great place to meet like-minded subscribers, discuss enhancements or request changes to the product. Our technical support staff are also on the forum to participate in any discussions.