What do you currently use for automation?

If you currently sell ebooks or other information products on eBay or on the internet generally, I would guess you already use some sort of automation method. Have you ever asked yourself, does it actually fulfill your requirements 100% of the time, or do you just live with it because there was no other viable solution on the market?

Well, this question has been asked by many top sellers in the recent past. And guess what they concluded?

Exactly what we thought. It was solving their digital products delivery tasks maybe upto 50% of the time. This is where DigiServeOnline is different.

Do this task yourself. Take a business scenario at a time. Look at each task in parallel with your current automation method and ask yourself:, "Is this how you want it to work?" or "If you could change it, how would you do it differently?".

DigiServeOnline was created exactly using this method. Each business scenario was taken, the question was asked: "How should it work" and then DigiServeOnline was coded to ensure that it works EXACTLY as it should do.

If you need clarification on any aspect of how DigiServeOnline performs a certain task, please have a look at the rest of this website or contact us.

We challenge you to find another solution available on the market today that fulfills all those business scenarios better than DigiServeOnline!!

Did You Know?

We have handled a total of 127,559 error-free transactions

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You may already know of so-called similar products available on the market today. We have created this comparison chart to show you how DigiServeOnline actually compares with other products.

Don't get drawn into the hype, but read between the lines. Stay to the facts and like-for-like, you will find that this product by far out-ranks other products out there today. Please do contact us, if you have any questions at all.

Comparison Chart

Compare DigiServeOnline to other products on the market today! This list is not exhaustive but gives you an indication of the power of DigiServeOnline over other products.

In the right-hand column, we have combined all the other products on the market, which are supposed to provide similar features. If you were to use ALL the other products together, then a quick look at the chart below will graphically show you the differences!



All Other Products

Works with eBay

Multiple eBay Items


Website Buy Now Payments

Paypal Shopping Cart Items


Multiple Currencies


Hidden Download Links

Expring Links

No. Of Downloads Limit


Allow Manual Secure Download


Automatically Advertise To 1000's of Potential Customers


Automatic Upgrades For Life


Management Reports

Always Receive Latest Features


Full Export Facility into Numerous Formats


Your Own Hosting Costs


Your Website - PHP / MySQL Requirements


Compatability Future Proof


Opportunity To Get The Product For Free


Resend Buyers Emails Easily


Email-Free Zone. Can Send Any Item Using Software